Java Basics

OOP's Concepts in Java and explanation 

What is abstract class and interface?difference between them.

How many ways to create an object in java? 

What are the immutable classes in Java? how to create immutable class and what are the conditions?

Difference between Comparable & Comparator Interface in Java 

Java Program to Sort ArrayList of Custom Objects By Property using Comparator interface  

Difference between final,finalize and finally 

What is Generics in Java with examples ? and What are the advantages of using Generics.  

Why character array is preffered to store Password than String?  

How many types of Polymorhism?Explain in brief.  

Why String is immutable or final in java?  

String Related Interview Questions  

Difference between NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException in Java

What is the difference between SendRedirect() and Forward()?  

How the programmer will explicitly called for the Garbage collection?  

Exception Handling Interview questions and answers  

Regular Expression in Java  

Java Object calss and its methods  

Difference between equals method and "==" operator & Examples in java  

How to create File and Directory in Java & File Related Interview Questions  
What is Serialization in Java? & where we use Serialization?  

How to solve "Source not found" error during debug in Eclipse.  

How to generate the StackOverflowError and OutOfMemoryError programmatically in Java  

What is PermGen in Java? How to solve the Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space  

Difference between Loose Coupling and Tight Coupling in Java With Examples.  

Difference between logical and bitwise operators in Java(&&,|| and &,|)  

Interface and Abstract Related Interview Questions and Answers  

Static Keyword and Its usage in Java  

Java Object sorting example (Comparable and Comparable)  

Java Vertual Machine(JVM) Architecture in Java  

Java Program for Bubble Sort in Ascending and Descending order  

Java Program to implement Selection Sort

Sort a binary array using one traversal in Java

Java 8 features with examples

Write a Java program to print the Floyd's triangle

Java Program to Perform Matrix Multiplication

Java Program to check the given number is a palindrome or not

Swap two variables without using third variable in Java

Java program to print the first n prime numbers

Java Program to find the Missing Number in an Array

Java Code to Print the Numbers as Pyramid - Examples

Java 8 forEach method with examples

Java 8 - Consumer Interface with examples

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