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What is PermGen in Java? How to solve the Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space

          The java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in Java is a subclass of java.lang.VirtualMachineError and JVM throws java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when it ran out of memory in heap. When you will try to create an object and there is not enough space in heap to allocate that object then you will get OutOfMemoryError.

         Types of OutOfMemoryError in Java

1) Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

2) Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

Now we will discuss about PernGen space,

PermGen stands for Permanent Generation.

       Java applications are only allowed to use a limited amount of memory. The exact amount of memory your particular application can use is specified during application startup. To make things more complex, Java memory is separated into Young, Tenured and PermGen regions.
      The size of all these is set during the JVM launch. If you didn't set the sizes of these regions then platform specific default will be used(The default PermGen Space allocated is 64 MB for server mode and 32 MB for client mode).


       The mainly the permanent generation consists of class declarations loaded and stored into PermGen. This includes the name and fields of the class, methods with the method bytecode, constant pool information, object arrays and type arrays associated with a class and Just In Time compiler optimizations.

        From the above paragraph, we can say that the main cause for  the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space is that either too many classes or too big classes are loaded to the permanent generation.


          As explained in above, this OutOfMemory error in java comes when Permanent generation of heap filled up.
         To fix this OutOfMemoryError in Java you need to increase heap size of  Perm space by using JVM option   "-XX:MaxPermSize".
         You can also specify initial size of Perm space by using    "-XX:PermSize" and keeping both initial and maximum Perm Space you can prevent some full garbage collection which may occur when Perm Space gets re-sized. Here is how you can specify initial and maximum Perm size in Java:

export JVM_ARGS="-XX:PermSize=64M -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"

      In Java 8, PermGen area has been replaced by MetaSpace area, which is more efficient and is unlimited by default (or more precisely - limited by amount of native memory, depending on 32 or 64 bit jvm and OS virtual memory availability) .

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