J2EE(Spring, Spring boot, Struts)

Custom Tags in Jsp with example

What are the Implicit Objects in JSP?

What is difference between web-server and application server? 

HTTP Status Codes  

What are different Spring Bean Scopes?

What is IOC Container in Spring? Difference between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext

Spring Configuration Metadata (XML, Annotation and Java)

Spring Annotations  

What is Autowiring in Spring ? Explain Autowiring modes and limitations with examples

Spring @Qualifier Annotation with example

Advantages of Hibernate over JDBC 

What are the Core Interfaces of Hibernate framework ?

Hibernate - JPA Annotations with explanation

Hibernate One to One Mapping Example - Annotation based

Causes and Solution of NoSuchBeanDefinitionException in Spring.

What are different states of an entity bean in Hibernate?

What is a Hibernate Caching ? Explain first level and second level cache in Hibernate

Hibernate JPA Cascade Types

What is lazy loading in Hibernate? Explain with example

What is the difference between get() and load() methods in Hibernate?

Hibernate Query Language(HQL) Examples

Hibernate Criteria Queries and Examples

Spring MVC with Hibernate CRUD Example  

Spring MVC workflow with example 

The @SpringBootApplication Annotation usage and example

How to create the Spring Boot Project using Spring Initializr tool ?

Spring Boot Starters

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