Monday 21 August 2023

LTIMindtree Java technical Lead interview questions

       Below are the list of java technical lead interview questions asked in LTIMindtree during the first round

1) Explain Saga design pattern used in Microservice(Answer)

2) What is orchestrator in Saga pattern?(Answer)

3) Which authentication mechanism used in project and how to implemented(AOuth2 with bearer token)?

3) What is the use of Eureka server?(Answer)

4) What is Functional interface in java 8? do we have default method in Functional interface(Answer)

5) Why introduced deafult method in interface in java 8?(Answer)

6) What is lambda expression ?(Answer)

7) What is difference between collection and stream?(Answer)

8) What is the use of status code in Rest API ?(Answer)

9) What is database/memory lock expeption?

10) What are HTTP idempotent methods?(Answer)

11) What are the key components in spring boot?

12) What is the use of @WebMvcTest . Difference between @WebMvcTest and @SpringBootTest(Answer)

13) Write a program to find second largest word in the sentence.

14) Write a query to find the max salary from the employee table whose name is Reta

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