Tuesday 29 August 2023

Akkodis company Java technical Lead(Exp - 9 to 12 yrs) interview questions

       Below are the list of java technical lead interview questions asked in Akkodis during the firstround.

1) What are the features in java8 ?

2) Why introduced default method in java 8 ?

3) What is the use of static method in java 8 ?

4) What is functional interface in java8 ?

5) What is the use of flatMap in streams and explain with example

6) List<Integer> list = Arrays.asList(10, 23, 8, null);

Write a program to sort the list in ascending and descending order and remove the nulls --using streams

7) what is generics in java ? Is this supports polymorphism ? (Answer -- yes)
if yes then which polymorphism supports compile or runtime(Answer - runtime)  

8) How many ways to create thread ? which one prefer and why ?

9) What implemenation or changes done in HashMap in java 8 ?

10) Which scenario's to use ArrayList and LinkedList

11) Asked some Linux commands.

12) Explain contract between equals and hashcode method.

13) What are the intermediate functions in streams.

14) How to make ArrayList as final - as final is immutable.

15) How to create singleton object and how to restrict for clone and deserialization

16) How to handle global the exception in spring boot

17) What is checked and unchecked exception

18) How to set the priority thread in threads.

19) What is completable future in java 8.

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