Sunday 28 October 2018

Hygieia Introduction

         In this post, I can introduce Hygieia open source DevOps tool, developed by Capital One.   

        Hygieia is an opensource initiative to provide a unified, configurable, and easy-to-use DevOps dashboard for an end-to-end application delivery pipeline. In a single dashboard we can get entire CI/CD pipeline, no need to open multiple tabs.

  • Build” from individual projects in Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, TeamCity, udeploy, xldeploy, Cucumber CI tools.
  • Feature” shows features and items in projects within JIRA.
  • Code repo/Commits” (commits per day) of a specific branch of a single repo collected from within GitHub, Subversion, BitBucket, GitLab.
  • Quality” shows code coverage and number of defects found in code scans done by SonarQube.
  • Monitor” shows deployments to servers. Red and green dots represent whether the server is up or down.
  • Version numbers in a Maven build specification file.

Sample Screenshots of Team and Product dashboard are ,

1) Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard of Hygieia

2) Product Dashboard

Product dashboard of Hygieia

In next post, we can discuss Hygieia setup and technology used in Hygieia.

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