Sunday, 9 September 2018

Difference between Spring MVC and Spring Boot. Explain advantages of Spring Boot

        In this post, we will discuss the difference between Spring MVC and Spring Boot. And also we will see the advantages of Spring Boot.


  • Spring Boot
        Spring Boot makes it easy to quickly bootstrap and start developing Spring based applications, avoiding a lot of boiler plate code and addresses to hide lot of complexity behind the scenes so that developer can quickly get started and develop spring based applications easily.

  • Spring MVC
       Not a fair comparison really. But Spring MVC is Web MVC framework for building web applications - and contains lot of configuration files for various capabilities. Lot of manual work is involved. 

Difference between Spring MVC and Spring Boot 
Difference between Spring MVC and Spring Boot

Advantages Of Spring Boot:--

  • It makes it easier to develop Spring-based applications with Java or Groovy.  And also it reduces Developer’s effort with the "Opinionated Defaults Configuration” approach.
  • It minimizes writing multiple boilerplate codes, XML configuration and annotation, ultimately enhancing productivity while reducing lots of development time.
  • It makes it easier to integrate the Spring Boot Application with the Spring Ecosystem that majorly includes Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring Security, Spring Data and many other things.
  • It tests the web applications easily with the help of different Embedded HTTP servers that includes Tomcat, Jetty and many others.
  • It offers Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for developing and testing Spring Boot.
  • It offers a number of plugins for developing and testing Spring Boot Applications easily using Maven/Gradle- the build tools.
  • It offers a number of plugins for working with embedded and in-memory databases easily.


  1. Spring is one of the most popular and widely used Java EE frameworks. Through dependency injection it can provide tight coupling between various components. The cross-cutting tasks such as authentication and logging can be provided through Spring framework and the aspect-oriented programming can be implemented through this as well.
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