Tuesday 25 July 2023

Publicis Sapient Java Technical Lead Interview questions

      Below are the list of java technical lead interview questions asked in Publicis Sapient during the second round.

1)  Time complexity for HashMap, LinkedHashMap, ArrayList, LinkedList, ConcurrentHashMap.(Answer)

2) Explain ReentrantLock in java (Answer)

3) What is thread pool and explain the executor framework.

4) Explain java 8 features(Answer)

5) What is difference between map and flatMap method in stream(Answer)

6) What is the difference between stream and parallel stream. Explain parallel stream performance.

7) What is association and aggregation in java(Answer)

8)  Explain Solid Design Principles(Answer)

9) Difference between SOA and Microservices (Answer)

10) Explain Design pattern used in Microservices mainly Circuit design pattern and Saga pattern(Answer)

11) How to communicate two microservices ? (Answer)

12) Difference between Kafka and RabitMQ(Answer)

13) Explain the scope of spring beans (Answer)

14) What is the use of spring actuator? (Answer)

15) Explain Spring security used in application(Answer)

16) Explain if you used any cahcing algorithm in application

17) Which annotations included in @SpringBootApplication (Answer)

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