Thursday 29 November 2018

Hygieia End User Configuration

           In previous post, we learned how to set up Hygieia and given some sample properties files. In the current post, we can configure the Hygieia as shown in the below steps.

1) Create User

         There are two users to access the Hygieia dashboards.
  • Admin 
  • Other Users
When you start UI using gulp serve , will see below home page of Hygieia.

hygieia login page

        The admin can do the following things,

  • Select a theme for the dashboard
  • Manage user and admin accounts for the dashboard
  • Set up API tokens for authentication
  • Create and manage custom dashboard templates

Create Admin:--

To create an account for an admin user:
  • Click Signup on the login page.
  • Enter admin as the username, specify and confirm the password, and then click Signup.
Username should be admin.
Hygieia signup page

Create other users also same as admin, don't give admin as username.

2) Create Team Dashboard

To create a new team dashboard:-
       In the Team Dashboards tab, click Create a new dashboard. This invokes the Create a New Dashboard screen.
Hygieia home page

Create New Dashboard screen,

Create new team dashboard in hygieia

Next, Widget Management,
select the required widget to show in the team dashboard.

Widget management in hygieia

The team dashboard contains the following views,

  • Widget View
  • Pipeline View
Team Dashboard Configuration in hygieia

I have configured build, deploy, repo widgets and pipeline view.
After all above configuration, the team dashboard of hygieia looks like below diagram,

Sample Team Dashboard of Hygieia

3) Create Product Dashboard

Before creating a product dashboard, ensure that the following prerequisites are met,

  • A Team Dashboard is created
  • Build and Code Repo widgets are configured on the team dashboard

        The process to create a Team Dashboard and configure the widgets is explained in the above step 2.

Create New Product Dashboard:--

Click on Create New Dashboard in home page of hygieia, add required information as shown in the below screen shot.

Creation Of Product dashboard in hygieia

After that it will create the product dashboard, without any information.

Hygieia product dashboard

Add Team Dashboard in the product dashboard, click on "Add Team"

Finally the Product Dashboard got created with commit, build and deploy commit information(stad. deviation, average time, total commit flags, and latest build) as shown below screenshot.

product dashboard of hygieia

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